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A Tradition of Precision and Innovation Applied to Grinding Tools.

Diagrind began in the furtive mind of Ingolf Sneva, owner of Ideal Carbide Die in Chicago, IL.  Sneva was looking for a better way to grind his carbide dies, and combining recently developed industrial diamond with a self-dressing, resilient bonding matrix…known as VM (vitreous metal), he established the base of a company that is still grinding along some 40 years later.

In order to preserve his creation, Sneva had a particular requirement when he went to sell the company:  he wanted a father/son team to take over.  Peter and Donald Sommer answered that description, and in 1975, they purchased Diagrind.  The Sommers brought with them an extensive manufacturing background, Pete was a vice president at Size Control in Elgin, IL, and Don worked for him in the shop.  Diagrind was established as its own entity in Alsip, IL, and then moved to Crestwood, IL, before finally building its own facility in the current location of Orland Park, IL.

Initially offering only diamond tools, Diagrind expanded to CBN when General Electric synthesized cubic boron nitride as the second hardest material on Earth and thusly created an abrasive that ground the hardest steel with the same effectiveness that diamond ground carbide.

Diagrind’s signature VM bond was soon complimented by three different Resinoid bonding systems (B1, B2, and Copper), M1 and MG metal bonds, MC3 Carbide bond, RD2 and V2 vitrified bonds, AND electroplated tools…all featuring ultra-resilient and stiff carbide shanks for maximum precision and wear.  Diagrind has created a bond for every job in keeping with the ever-changing demands of industry.

By specializing in smaller tools and the parameters required to properly and effectively execute tough internal grinding jobs, Diagrind fits into a niche with expertise that few other companies can match.  Tool sizes max out at 3”, but the company specialty lies on the smaller end of the spectrum, with diamond tools down to .030”, and CBN tools as small as .025”.

In 2010, Don retired after 35 years at the helm, however, the father/son tradition embraced by company founder Sneva has continued, as Michael Sommer stepped into his father’s position.  Mike has been with the company full time since graduating college in 1996, and brings the same passion for excellence that has allowed Diagrind to flourish for its entire tenure.

Diagrind has a tradition of precision and innovation, and its employees are committed to the task of remaining on the cutting edge of the internal grinding industry.

image credit: Illinois Review

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