Diagrind, Inc. | SUPERABRASIVE INTERNAL GRINDING WHEELSManufacturer of Superabrasive Internal Grinding Tools

Diagrind Company History, a Tradition of Precision and Innovation Applied to Grinding Tools.

3 Presidents Of Diagrind 3Ingolf Sneva planted the seed that has become Diagrind, Inc. on the production floor of his Ideal Carbide Die Company in the late 1960s. Through patient refining and constant testing, he created a bonding system which effectively mated the rigidity and precision of carbide with the toughness of diamond. The vitreous metal (VM) bond that he developed remains the signature of Diagrind, Inc. over 40 years later.

In 1975, the father/son team of Peter and Donald Sommer purchased Diagrind, Inc. from Sneva, and dedicated themselves to the same standards of quality and innovation upon which the company was founded. Diagrind, Inc. has kept pace with the rigorous and ever-changing demands of industry. The standard line of diamond tools developed by Sneva, Diagrind, Inc. was supplemented by line of Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) tools, ideal for grinding even the toughest steel. The success of VM bond led to the development of a variety of bonding systems including vitrified, resin, metal, and carbide. Completing the arsenal of options available for its customers, Diagrind, Inc. created a full line of electroplated diamond and CBN tools on carbide shanks, offering a versatility that few competitors could match.

In 1996, Diagrind, Inc. officially became a three-generation business, with the addition of Don's son Michael as a full-time employee. 15 years later, having literally grown up in and around all of Diagrind, Inc.'s many facets, Michael is now the proud President, looking forward to a future that will reflect the success of the past.

Diagrind, Inc. continues to apply the tradition of precision and innovation upon which it was founded. The dedicated employees behind the Diagrind, Inc. name are committed to the task of remaining on the cutting edge of the internal grinding industry.